ITS WEEKEND!!! After 12 hours of sleep skipping my supper on Friday night and breakfast on Saturday morning, i have BURGER BOX CHICKEN PIZZA as lunch, gotta feeling that today's gonna be a good day!

As previous post said, got lotsa thing to say but serious businesses come first. This weekend my house is so quiet that i dun have to worry i about other people will shout when i am blasting my speaker and head banging in my room. LOL

The weather ain't too hot, the wind ain't too big and my mood are just right for some good stories.

Here we go~

        A couple of weeks ago, i forgot which day which week, 1 of my kawan baik told me something which challenged my opinion on male-female relationship, due to its interesting-ness and rare-ness. The 2 main character here, will be my kawan baik, a hot and attractive female, and a heavy metal rocker, a sexy male. This story started too many years ago (7 years?), the real origin cannot be date by my mind because frankly i forget how many years she told me that day but i do know they both started as normal friend just like the traditional love story (is it?). OK lets assume this friendship started 7 years ago, they have been friend for like 5 years till he realize he want to be more than just friend with her. OOOPS! 
        What did she do? SHE RAN AWAY from him! The reaction of me when she told me this was "OMGWTF?!". She totally ignore him and dun wanna to be in touch with him for like a very loooong time (1 year?). What did he do? HE WAITED for her! Until some time earlier, they started to contact back each other, still as good as before, they can talk about almost everything like before (I assume yes?). Then the days continue between them like normal, until the day before she told me the story, she confessed her feeling to him, after so many years. She confessed the positive feeling of herself toward him. Then the story come to the sad part, kawan baik saya sudah ada boyfriend for quite long.
        They still are best friend, chat-able for almost anything and according to her their friendship cannot be break by a third party EVER. At least this is good, every girl have a bf that is not her BF. Aren't it?  

Hey kawan, add oil and good luck for your current long distance relationship. =P
And also good luck for this precious and rare friendship. And if there are any inaccuracy on the story above, you can request a modification, i will mention it in the next post. =X


This is my new baby, the Bicycle Arcane Playing Cards. Its very very nice. Love it Alot!
Also bought a Blue Ice Deck, a Raider, 2 normal Bicycle Deck and a Tally Ho normal Blue Back.

I am into card magic recently, its very interesting when you learning the trick and its very happy when you successfully troll a person with the trick. I am enjoying it alot! Wanna see some of my tricks? Feel free to ask me out for high tea / supper / dinner. LOL

This following part, is for somebody else:
You told me you weren't ignoring me, you told me you just wanna concentrate, you told me lots of reasons. The time i spend behind the class watching you reply sms but not mine, what was i thinking that time? Maybe you cant answer cause you ain't me. So let me tell you, I'm hurt. Do not assume a people does not know the truth if he pretend to not knowing the truth. My friends taught me this. I said NEVER MIND but i mean FUCK YOU!


meikuen foo said…
haha...so free blog..me also lazy to blog jor....wakakaka!!!
Tommy said…
you busy mah....

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