Back to JB...and its hot...

I am back to JB, till Tuesday. It's still like ol'days, hot as usual but its good to be home anyway. I got 2 night of air conditioner, a few meals with nice dishes, can talk to mummy, can see my beloved red transformer PC and etc. Well actually i slept the whole afternoon right after i reach my own room and lie on my bed. I am a lil bit like a pig don't I? LOL!

Erm, a damn disgusting situation happened before i coming back to JB, my 808.8GB WD Green HDD just spoiled! Well to be truth, it can still be use but with a insanely low transfer speed. (Average around 8 - 9mb/s) This is a very very very bad news due to my PC primary disk is only 160 GB and my external My Book is just 640 GB. Both are getting full. Worse, it might be out of warranty already and WORST IS I CANT FIND MY RECEIPT!!! T.T   *Padan Muka*   T.T
My documentaries are gone, my series are gone, my anime are gone, my installed games are gone...NAH!

Forget about that, i can still live without that 808.8GB of storage space. Since im back in JB, that means i got my NEW SIGG WATER BOTTLE~~~~

straight to the pics:- 

and ya, Mr. Pang Chun Den's new blog post is nice:


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