Officially 19....


Officially announce that im 19!

27/09/2010, my birthday, second day of the second week of the 2 weeks of the exam weeks. Effects from reading textbooks too much result in unusual frequently use of the word "of". LOL

First, thanks FongE, Daby, Weiteng, Youkang and Purple for the surprise~~~~!!! It's study week, and i really really wasnt expecting a celebration, not even a simple 1. Tuesday to Friday is a 4-day-straight marathon final exam and my birthday is on Monday. It's abit lah pathetic, every year since i was small it has been like this. Primary school's final exam, secondary school final exam, UPSR, PMR, SPM, Uni final exam weeks. FFFFUUUUUUU~~~~~~

Anyway, really appreciate you all took the precious study time out to buy the present. MUAKX!~~~~
It's shiny, it's nice, and ill wear it on 1 of the 4 days of the marathon. 

Next, YouKang thx for your 10 revive books in DN, it can really make me have more thing to do in DN. haha...

Then Sifu Jason Lim Yong Chin, thx for the ROE and SOM booster pack!!!!!! hahahahhaha~~~ Elspeth Tirel yo!! It will definitely be in my future deck! hehehe....

Next, thx all the greetings i received this year, according to facebook's notification and also my phone history, its roughly 170 greetings...THX THX THX THX THX THX THX THX THX THX THX~~~~ It's my energy for this coming year~~

3 major wishes here:-

1) 心想事成
2) 万事如意
3) 最后一个是商业机密

Ok, i have to study abit for now, so that's all for my birthday post~~


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