3rd day, getting used to it finally.

its the third day of my internship in Samsung SDS AP Pte. Ltd.

First day,
Basically quite nervous before goin into the building yet quite looking forward to wat i will be doin. The first impression of my own office is that DIGI DO NOT HAVE LINE IN THERE! *Facepalm* Here's my Maxis number at work: 0147291951.
OK, we 3 (me, yk and Yim) reach the room where we were interviewed which also will be my office for the 3 months.
Some simple briefing about policies here, sign a security contract, some intro about our position in Samsung. Then, a korean guy which turn out to be the I.T. GM of us come to have some talk. He asked: "Do you know what Samsung SDS do?". OK This question stun us.
Answer:" Samsung SDS provide Total I.T. Solution for samsung group itself and develop a global service for samsung group. Samsung SDS also provide I.T. consulting service and outsource of system engineering."
OK roughly like this.

After all these, yk and yim was brought to SCM (Samsung Corning Malaysia) to meet their superior and briefing. For their journey, stay tune to:


Back to me, I work at SDI (Samsung Development International??) building. I stay at the same room where i was interviewed. Sit beside the finance excutive of Samsung SDS, opposite the Korean I.T. GM. The girl turn out to be a cheerful type and quite talkative. The GM, always MIA and do not talk to me.

Then my superior, Operation Manager of Samsung SDS, Mr.Khoo. He is a easy goin guy which give me ALOT OF TRUST and i mean really alot. I was given access to many PnC database, local and overseas servers to have a total view of samsung internal management system. In this case my first project is Employees Claim System. I was given the full source code of this system. My task is to automate the connection between this web based system with the database to make it more "clever". Ok,enough for these working shit. Boring.

Just like what yk said in his samsung life dairy, what we learn in internship, not only knowledge, but also human skill, communication with ppl older than you, more powerful than you. When you got more things to talk to, you kinda ignore the slowly-crawling-time.

I can say, we 3 that work in samsung is extremely lucky. The supervisor of us is good and they really wan to teach us things. They teach us the way they do things in a real working environment, the things they concern and the theories of I.T. using A WHITEBOARD. Just like a lecturer. So I am so grateful to have a chance to peer into my future life.

I wont blog much on my daily working life. I'll note down the important part of them cause i am so lazy to type it.

Hope every friend of mine out there, have a good experience while having internship. Besides, try to love your job more, you gonna live it for 3 months, at least, dun hate it.


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