I can't describe why I'm stressed.

These project, I never do before.
Nor did I ever see before.
The policies, the rules.
I feel I'm so incapable of doing it.
A month of hardwork, i thought i can close my first proj.

In the end, thats a piss compare to what they expected.

The db design, the queries...
What google can help is so so so minimal.
The page that you face the most is error pages.

You wanna ask ppl. Why dun you just go back home and drink some detergent and die.
That is much faster than their reply..
BUSY is the biggest excuses.
I know, when there's no resources or whatsoever around you, you push yourself to the limit.

Maybe I'm not just ready.
Maybe I just scared the shit out of myself.
But right now i know i felt helpless.

F U C K !