I guess I'm not a good blogger 2

First thing first...some time ago me and darling and daby and fy had a outing to buy present at Dataran Pahlawan..it was...2nd of December 2012..Photos!
Darling and I..=D

The girls!

How many smurf was there??
After this, as promise, the MELAKA ZOO BIRTHDAY!

It was a birthday in exam week..we cant spend whole day lepak everywhere but we cant ignore it as it happens only once in a year..
Darling requested a walk at zoo melaka, thus there we are, ZOO MELAKA!

The weather that day was exceptionally good, sun hide his ass from us, rain tahan his angerness for us. The entrance fees for zoo melaka is abit overpriced for me at the rate of RM10. Despite this fact, ITS DARLING'S BIRTHDAY, WHO CARES!

At first i thought again we gonna see lazy animals, but in fact, they all gave the utmost respects to my darling as its her birthday, they are epic-ly active that day. =D

We met a panther making love with a leopard, we met a pair of gay goat (i forgot they real name), and many more~

Some fun photos we took during the visit:

The epic model of the day!

The love rhino of the day!

Okay, I find its muscle kinda epic, tho some find it disgusting..XD

I wonder whether their neck will pain..hmmmmm...

Forever Alone!!! =(

What's wrong with you sir? Are you Wolverine?

AH!! They are the Panther and the Leopard that make love in front of us..XD

So Black!


Should we Swim?

Let me guess, a male approaching a female??

This three elephant is cute because when we were there, they were shaking they head non-stop. XDXD
See how lucky were we on that day? All the animals are standing and walking!
There's a little regret that i forgot to take a picture of the mini horse that keep following my darling once she go near its fence. DAMN CUTE! (I think he was attracted by my darling. =x)

So thats all for now, half of the trimester break had passed, what have you done?


fongE said…
damn, i laughed like an idiot =.=

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