I guess I'm not a good blogger

Ok I guess I'm not a good blogger. I always feel lazy to type the words in my mind in this blog due to unknown reason although I always wanted to share it on here.

So today, I finally cannot withstand the urge of my own kind heart. Here we go on a tour on my recent photos. I missed out alot of precious moment because I'm not a person that always will think of taking a photograph. I guess I need to improve on this too to become a better blogger........


Saya mia..
My darling mia..=D
That being an extremely happy matter, PLUS me and my darling is officially been together for more than 1 year as you can see on the meter right hand side. We celebrated our anniversary on 2nd February 2012 which is the 365th day..=D

For lunch, we went to a 鱼头米粉 shop which me and her would like to try for a long time, the name of the shop is 大家鱼头米..We both like it alot as it taste really good and the serving size is epic. If you haven't try it out yet, please do so.

Went to Nadeje to have some cake for high tea. As usual, it's nice and always make us feel contented. For Dinner, we went to carry on to grill some meat. YUMMY~~! =D

Photos will deliver the story.
Yum Yum~
Besides 鱼头米粉, Nadeje as always.
Epic soup of the day by Chef Tommy..=x
Besides, watched Journey 2 in Dataran Pahlawan's GSC, wanted to watch in 3D but DP's GSC did not offer 3D version.
Journey 2 is not too bad afterall. It's funny.
To end this post, I'll present you, THE EPIC PHOTO OF THE DAY:
Why it is epic? Because it was taken on a moving car with a phone camera on abumpy road.
BTW, the mosquito is still fresh.

Preview of upcoming post:
Right after the Anniversary, in 2 days time, 4th February is my darling's birthday. As it is in the exam week, nothing much we can do because we are the good kids, we wanted to study! =D
As requested by darling, we went to Zoo Melaka to date. LOL, I TOTALLY LIKE THE IDEA!
Please look forward for it! (Hopefully in 2 days time..=x)


fongE said…
finally haha!
eh the photos we took in DP when we buying purple's birthday present, post jugak!
ngek ngek!

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