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OK..when was my last post? 09/06/2012.... has been changing...alot...
i thought of my blog and was frequently reminded by ppl that dun forget my blog..
but ya somehow the motivation wasnt there..

Finally, today is my first holiday since I started working from 2nd of July till now and i found my motivation..lots of motivation..XD

So what's up in between?
I started working in Quintiq Sdn. Bhd. I interviewed to a developer but in the end after the whole training process, i get my chance to dive into security related work in Quintiq which I also preferred. Now i had finished all the training and have my own station to work. TADAAAA:

I've been enjoying working in here, the colleagues are all vr helpful. We have sports activity regularly everyday in the working day from monday to friday. Futsal, basketball, badminton, tennis, name it. Sometimes when you r stressed out or out of ideas, you can head over to the R&R room to have a few round of pool or a game on the Wii.
The good news is, Quintiq is still heavily hiring, if you are interested, please send your resume to The position available in malaysia is these.

OK,enough of work. In this month of working, I went to Melaka once to find my special someone, my girlfriend. (Missed her so much)
We went to watch Ice Age 4 and yea we enjoyed the movie. After that we went to the place where we first dated. Haagen-Dazs.

Look how shy she is. =x
Sometimes, I really hope that i can work in melaka or you can work in KL. LDR isn't as good as living in a same city, but yeah, that's our fate, let's face it and we will do well no matter how. Love you dar.

Lastly, some food to share, on last Saturday I went to my grandma's birthday dinner. Aunts decided to have it in one of the famous restaurant in sg. buloh. I forgot the name but i think those who know the shop will know it with the following pic:

Yeah "The Standing Chicken". LOL. Its my first time seeing a dish like this. They give you gloves and scissors. So do it yourself mate. We couldn't finish all the dishes that day because the fish that my third uncle brought was too large and have to separate it into 2 dishes. This is how it looks when all the dishes are on the table.

Yup and the chicken is finished before these dishes are on board.

I still have maybe a few blog posts abt the graduation taiwan trip i wanna share but i am still waiting for the photo DVD from david and ppl that brought camera. That will be a lot of photos to share.

Till next time.


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