Once, I thought I loved IT, I thought I understand IT because i know how to reformat a computer and download a cracked software.
So 4 years ago I joined MMU.
I do not know what is memory address, I do not know what is djikstra algorithm, I do not know abt constraint logic, I do not know about Linux....and yet i thought I understand IT.

There's many important person that define me during this 4 years, as in technically from aspect of IT.

1) First programming language i touch, Visual Basic, taught by Mr. Khairul. He gave me a nice intro into the world of programming. Interestingly, I started in MMU using VB, as my first programming language and I finished my study, my FYP, in VB too. Is it coincidence?

2) Mr. Andrew Samraj, who taught me alot on how computer actually work, deep down into the hardware itself. The very imprtant part of IT which alot of people hated and neglected.

3) Ms. Chong Siew Chin, my CP1 and CP2 lecturer, vr nice lecturer, gave me alot of guidance that made my foundation on programming firm and steady.

4) Mr. Teh Pin Shen, the first people i thought of whenever i have a programming related question. He is also the one that intro me into web programming which is also my choice for FYP. Hope you are doing good in England!

5) Mr. Wee Kuok Kwee, the strictest lecturer i have in my Uni life but also one of the most important one. Without him, I wouldn't have a chance to improve my skills to a whole new level. When I looked back at his requests and assignments, they are easily the hardest and most fascinating work i have done in my Uni life.

6) Mr. Michael Goh, resource management lecturer that I actually liked alot despite lots of haters of him. Besides, I am working in a company that do APS system and APS system relies heavily on resource management knowledge. If wasn't for him, I might not have this wonderful chance of work.

7) Ms. Ooi Shih Yin, ST coordinator, helped alot on my path to become a hacker. This path of hacking is so hideous that without someone from the inside, you would never get a door.

8) Ms. Goh Yi Zheng, my AA and my FYP advisor. The advice I get from her is simply the most among all the lecturers. The helps she gave to me during my FYP is countless. Many many thanks.

Of course there are many many many more lecturers and tutors that defined who I am today. Thousands of Millions of thanks for you all in my journey of University. Sincerely.


Pop quiz:
Late in the night, you are tired but you can't sleep because you are missing somebody badly. What will you do?


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