Update of LOVE from office =D

I have lots of idea yet to post..lack of time and lack of a stable Internet connection at home.

I arrived office super early recently, while I do not feel like to start working so early, might as well do a post.

Last weekend I went to Melaka to find my love one again. As usual we hang around at Melaka town. We had our lunch at Wazen Japanese Restaurant and we did not remember to take any picture there. Too hungry maybe. =P

After that we went to watch 犀利人妻. A rather slightly above average movie for me. Made some good point about love that I agree of, but the movie filmography sometimes is so random that I feel weird. Laugh die near the wedding ceremony at the end. Recommendation level?


At night we went to 烔锅 once again and again it was very very good. More details can read on my previous post about it.

The second day we went 潮州肉骨茶 for breakfast/brunch. I have always miss this place alot after I came KL to work. Finally I am able to fulfill my crave. Thanks darling.

During lunch, we both are so full due to the aftermath of bah kut teh, we decided to eat some cakes at Nadeje for lunch. So here we are. Nadeje actually extended their varieties of cakes, now you can find the whole fridge is filled with different types of cakes beside the well-known Crepe. We saw Double Cheese, Monotone (We ordered this and it taste AWESOME), White Chocalate Cheese and some really special type that I forget their name.

Monotone + Green Tea Crepe as cakes, Coconut Cafe Latte + Sour Sop Smoothie as drinks

Why are you sleeping while I taking photos!
(She said her eyes get tired because i took too long to focus)

So that will be it, forecast of next update, either 1 of below:
- Tutorial of hacking Whatsapp onto Nexus 7 (Tentatively other Android devices that do not support Sim card)
- Write Up on HackInTheBox Security Conference Kuala Lumpur 2012



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