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Some Update on Web Tech

Its been a loooooooooooonnnnggg time.. how have you been? Its been a while i purposely do not want to update my blog. Why? NO IDEA.. My pending post on Sungai Lembing Trip is yet to post. My pending post on outing with my girlfriend is yet to post. My pending review on windows 8 is yet to post. My pending review on Facebook Timeline is yet to post. etc etc etc etc....GOSH! Yeah i know its final time and i suppose most of the people out there are dipping their head inside the larva of lecture notes and tutorials. They overheat your brain and eventually melt your consciousness away. So i figured that i dun wan that to happen to me. Thus that explain why i am here. THIS POST IS A TOTAL MURMUR.  My new Facebook profile look with Timeline:              Well this Timeline thingy in the Facebook hasn't officially roll out for public yet. I had tried the Developer's Release yesterday. Well I must say the creativity from Facebook are there. I like the idea


We often hear people sayaing this: "Feeling is something that are very personal." Why is that? Simply because a same action under different mindset will have different interpretation.. I.E. There's something very little that i can do..that i feel i can do.. to make somebody happy.. but in a different mindset, say your mindset.. its an annoying act..who knows.. right? 现代人总望着照片说,好美。 却很少人愿意去到照片被拍摄的地方说,好美。 人生总有些迷惘,然后我对自己说,好美。 然后我会忘记生气是什么。