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喜歡靜靜地想你 放上一段優雅的音樂 沏上一杯淡淡的香茶 在這方寸之間、在字行之間 尋找你的影跡 我想你 你笑了 我的心亦晴了 你沉默了 我的心亦灰了 前面的路還很遠 你可能會哭 但是一定要走下去 一定不能停…… 我想要和你白頭到老 珍惜愛的每分每秒 等很老很老的時候 依然有你溫柔的擁抱 和我甜蜜的微笑 即使受了再大的委屈 也堅信你是我這一生的依靠 把你拥在懷裡 跟你相對傻傻的笑 不怕以后的日子平淡和簡單 只要有你 牽著手 即使你多難過多生氣 也不會鬆掉 就是一輩子續寫的美好

Good Actor Theorem

One fine day, Johnny , Orlando and Keira is filming in a public place. By chances, you and your friends passed through the area. You stopped and watched the filming. One by one, Orlando and Keira finished their parts. Johnny was up in the scene, slightly off standard performances. Got irritated a bit maybe. Remember, you were there all the time. During Orlando's and Keira's filming, say already for 2 hours. After the filming is done, Johnny wrote to the press, complaining that he was being watched during his filming and that should not happen. He is absurdly angry. In this case, is Johnny a good actor still? If yes, why is he being affected easily? and what makes him so special to have the privilege to not being watch? or are you deserved to be in the blame? If yes, why are you not informed earlier by the crews or even Johnny himself that you should not be watching? Lastly, what will be your responses to this matter? Johnny is a star actor, you are nothing but a