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I can't describe why I'm stressed. These project, I never do before. Nor did I ever see before. The policies, the rules. I feel I'm so incapable of doing it. A month of hardwork, i thought i can close my first proj. In the end, thats a piss compare to what they expected. The db design, the queries... What google can help is so so so minimal. The page that you face the most is error pages. You wanna ask ppl. Why dun you just go back home and drink some detergent and die. That is much faster than their reply.. BUSY is the biggest excuses. I know, when there's no resources or whatsoever around you, you push yourself to the limit. Maybe I'm not just ready. Maybe I just scared the shit out of myself. But right now i know i felt helpless. F U C K !

COS rock on the night of supermoon. (Long post, lotsa photos)

I started typing this right after i wake up from a tight sleep the second morning. I realized i was too concentrate on the performance and didnt take any photo. So, I waited the photos from photographers. So now, lets start!  ITS STRICTLY COS! I thought i was goin there alone... but IM NOT! I got my girl with me that fantabulous musical night! on the night of 19/03/2011, its the night of supermoon. Where the moon come super near to Earth and become really round and big... The same night, MMU Chinese Orchestra Society had their second Chinese Orchestra Concert - A Touch of Symphony. What a nice name isnt it? The venue was at Panggung Budaya, Ayer Keroh, Melaka. When i reach the venue..The feeling of concert is seeping into my cells. The venue is just so nice for a concert..Echo absorbing wall lining, controllable lighting, cinema styled seatings. My God, its way way way better than our school's main hall! I straight away turn to my girl and say:" The RM30 was totall


需要问题,才能有答案。 而人类在答案中满足。 而,谁来提供问题? 风过无痕。 人说,冤家宜解不宜结。 风过无痕。 斑驳的波浪,总会有平息的时候。 什么时候停?那就看你了,先生,小姐。 曾经的我,输不起。 现在的我,要看怎么输。 输掉一个城,换来一声笑。 值不值得?那就看你了,先生,小姐。 在马六甲三年。我学会了认输。 我妈说我像一阵风。 风过,无痕 20110315  随笔


那天下雨了。 我和女孩撑着伞漫步在城门前。 后来想了想,穿雨衣其实才是雨天的王道啊! 拿雨伞不是不好,只是太过局限了。 如果是穿雨衣,就可以在雨中玩水了啊! 如果是穿雨衣,就不怕雨伞打到人了啊! 如果是穿雨衣,能见度再低,车辆都会看到你啊! 如果是穿雨衣,就不怕从雨伞上滑落的雨滴滴到身旁的人啊! 如果是穿雨衣,在人群中是多么的特别啊! 如果是穿雨衣,你就有两只很空闲的手, 然后,你能够,接着, 一个正在跌到的人!啊!


一星期过去了 说快嘛,一点都不快,慢死了。 工作方面我没得 complain 了 已经很好了 在社会上,没人会教你如何去做。 你只有你自己。工作沉闷,无聊。 要改变吗?你必须靠你自己。 别人不会为你改变。 You cant control the wave, So learn to surf. 工作后,时间的感觉变得很重。 每一小时,每一天,每一个星期,每个月。 我上司说,读书就那十多年,可是做工是三十多年。 人一旦改变了环境,就会开始想念。 现在才发觉,上课。是很轻松的。 就算再无聊的课,你都可以选择听或不听。 你还学费,你是顾客,你有选择的权利。 而对于无聊的工作,你没有选择,你必须面对。 你拿工钱,你没有选择的权利。 唯一可以做的,就是让你自己不一样。 话说:“你欠银行一百块,你怕银行来追债,你欠银行一千万,银行怕你不还债。” 三个月很快的,牙咬一咬就过去了。 希望如此。 上个星期,压力很大。 工作上的惶恐,怕做不出上司要求的东西。 家里和爸有些小争吵。 然后不适应新环境。 想念大学的生活。 像陷入漩涡,越挣扎,就陷得越快。 被吞噬?不,我不会轻言放弃。 在我无助想发泄的时候 我很感激有一个女人和一个女孩在我身边,真的。 妈,我爱你。 婷,我爱你。

3rd day, getting used to it finally.

its the third day of my internship in Samsung SDS AP Pte. Ltd. First day, Basically quite nervous before goin into the building yet quite looking forward to wat i will be doin. The first impression of my own office is that DIGI DO NOT HAVE LINE IN THERE! *Facepalm* Here's my Maxis number at work: 0147291951. OK, we 3 (me, yk and Yim) reach the room where we were interviewed which also will be my office for the 3 months. Some simple briefing about policies here, sign a security contract, some intro about our position in Samsung. Then, a korean guy which turn out to be the I.T. GM of us come to have some talk. He asked: "Do you know what Samsung SDS do?". OK This question stun us. Answer:" Samsung SDS provide Total I.T. Solution for samsung group itself and develop a global service for samsung group. Samsung SDS also provide I.T. consulting service and outsource of system engineering." OK roughly like this. After all these, yk and yim was brought to SCM