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aye...Its been a while...i know

Its been quuuiiiiteeeeee a LITTLE while no? I've been busy, with 1) Assignments 2) FYP 3) Sleeping 4) DATING! Dun worry, here's a post with some random picture, ahha! Firstly, went out to town with my girlfriend last Friday to see the My FM new year special shooting at jonker. But before that, we give ourselves some fine time enjoy ourselves around the area.  Went to watch Puss in Boots, its not bad, typical story, have some good laugh. Puss is seriously cute during his childhood time, seriously. My rating? 3.5/5 Next, we went to Icily at Jonker cause when we reach the shop at Red House area, they are closing down. =(   AWWWW, WHAT 2 PREETY HAND! Chosen the berries flavor. I like it, you can taste the fruit and the froyo authentically. Unlike Tuxxi Fruixxi, almost taste like cheap ice creams.  The My FM new year shooting attracts alot of ppl to gather around the stage area of jonker. Sorry for the blurry photo, i dun have a good camera, using my phone wit