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有时候城市越大越忙越五光十色 夜深人静时更凸显出一个人的寂寞。 失望,担心 我忍不住泪水。 有時候,在一個人的夜晚,突然覺得寂寞深入骨髓;  有時候,很想放縱自己,希望自己徹徹底底醉一次。


Once, I thought I loved IT, I thought I understand IT because i know how to reformat a computer and download a cracked software. So 4 years ago I joined MMU. I do not know what is memory address, I do not know what is djikstra algorithm, I do not know abt constraint logic, I do not know about Linux....and yet i thought I understand IT. There's many important person that define me during this 4 years, as in technically from aspect of IT. 1) First programming language i touch, Visual Basic, taught by Mr. Khairul. He gave me a nice intro into the world of programming. Interestingly, I started in MMU using VB, as my first programming language and I finished my study, my FYP, in VB too. Is it coincidence? 2) Mr. Andrew Samraj, who taught me alot on how computer actually work, deep down into the hardware itself. The very imprtant part of IT which alot of people hated and neglected. 3) Ms. Chong Siew Chin, my CP1 and CP2 lecturer, vr nice lecturer, gave me alot of guidance that

From PJ

OK..when was my last post? 09/06/2012.... has been changing...alot... i thought of my blog and was frequently reminded by ppl that dun forget my blog.. but ya somehow the motivation wasnt there.. Finally, today is my first holiday since I started working from 2nd of July till now and i found my motivation..lots of motivation..XD So what's up in between? I started working in Quintiq Sdn. Bhd. I interviewed to a developer but in the end after the whole training process, i get my chance to dive into security related work in Quintiq which I also preferred. Now i had finished all the training and have my own station to work. TADAAAA: I've been enjoying working in here, the colleagues are all vr helpful. We have sports activity regularly everyday in the working day from monday to friday. Futsal, basketball, badminton, tennis, name it. Sometimes when you r stressed out or out of ideas, you can head over to the R&R room to have a few round of po