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Life's like a battery, discharging and charging. It's end of the year, again. 20th time in my life. Its the time of holiday! everywhere you go, every where you surf the net, holiday's decoration is every every where.. while im still stuck in Ixora facing my comp with some minor fever..=( Accidentally came across an old song. A song that always makes me miss my home.. It's called "Home" and yes, i do miss my home right now.. Friends come and go,  those who stayed, aren't friends, they're family.

aye...Its been a while...i know

Its been quuuiiiiteeeeee a LITTLE while no? I've been busy, with 1) Assignments 2) FYP 3) Sleeping 4) DATING! Dun worry, here's a post with some random picture, ahha! Firstly, went out to town with my girlfriend last Friday to see the My FM new year special shooting at jonker. But before that, we give ourselves some fine time enjoy ourselves around the area.  Went to watch Puss in Boots, its not bad, typical story, have some good laugh. Puss is seriously cute during his childhood time, seriously. My rating? 3.5/5 Next, we went to Icily at Jonker cause when we reach the shop at Red House area, they are closing down. =(   AWWWW, WHAT 2 PREETY HAND! Chosen the berries flavor. I like it, you can taste the fruit and the froyo authentically. Unlike Tuxxi Fruixxi, almost taste like cheap ice creams.  The My FM new year shooting attracts alot of ppl to gather around the stage area of jonker. Sorry for the blurry photo, i dun have a good camera, using my phone wit


没有事没有事没有事没有事没有事没有事没有事没有事没有事没有事没有事没有事没有事没有事没有事没有事没有事没有事没有事没有事没有事没有事没有事没有事没有事没有事没有事没有事没有事没有事没有事没有事没有事没有事没有事没有事没有事没有事没有事没有事没有事没有事没有事没有事没有事没有事没有事没有事没有事没有事没有事没有事没有事没有事没有事没有事没有事没有事没有事没有事没有事没有事没有事没有事没有事没有事没有事没有事没有事没有事没有事没有事没有事没有事没有事没有事没有事没有事没有事没有事没有事没有事没有事没有事没有事没有事没有事没有事没有事没有事没有事没有事没有事没有事没有事没有事没有事没有事没有事没有事没有事没有事没有事没有事没有事没有事没有事没有事没有事没有事没有事没有事没有事没有事没有事没有事没有事没有事没有事没有事没有事没有事没有事没有事没有事没有事没有事没有事没有事没有事没有事没有事没有事没有事没有事没有事没有事没有事没有事没有事没有事没有事没有事没有事没有事没有事没有事没有事没有事没有事没有事没有事没有事没有事没有事没有事没有事没有事没有事没有事没有事没有事没有事没有事没有事没有事没有事没有事没有事没有事没有事没有事没有事没有事没有事没有事没有事没有事没有事没有事没有事没有事没有事没有事没有事没有事没有事没有事没有事没有事没有事没有事没有事没有事没有事没有事没有事没有事没有事没有事没有事没有事没有事没有事没有事没有事没有事没有事没有事没有事没有事没有事没有事没有事没有事没有事没有事没有事没有事没有事没有事没有事没有事没有事没有事没有事没有事没有事没有事没有事没有事没有事没有事没有事没有事没有事没有事没有事没有事没有事没有事没有事没有事没有事没有事没有事 一直以来我都不能体谅为什么父亲总是那么沉默 今天,我想我明白了。 真真切切的,明白了。


怕的还是来了.... 从小,我的记性就不是很好... 常常忘东忘西.... 然后我开始慢慢长大... 还是依然健忘... 很努力的尝试改变这个习惯... 很努力很努力... 可是我还是那么健忘... 我让你很失望我知道... 我知道是我不好... 我很努力... 可是我知道我不完美... 我明白... 对不起...

Some Update on Web Tech

Its been a loooooooooooonnnnggg time.. how have you been? Its been a while i purposely do not want to update my blog. Why? NO IDEA.. My pending post on Sungai Lembing Trip is yet to post. My pending post on outing with my girlfriend is yet to post. My pending review on windows 8 is yet to post. My pending review on Facebook Timeline is yet to post. etc etc etc etc....GOSH! Yeah i know its final time and i suppose most of the people out there are dipping their head inside the larva of lecture notes and tutorials. They overheat your brain and eventually melt your consciousness away. So i figured that i dun wan that to happen to me. Thus that explain why i am here. THIS POST IS A TOTAL MURMUR.  My new Facebook profile look with Timeline:              Well this Timeline thingy in the Facebook hasn't officially roll out for public yet. I had tried the Developer's Release yesterday. Well I must say the creativity from Facebook are there. I like the idea


We often hear people sayaing this: "Feeling is something that are very personal." Why is that? Simply because a same action under different mindset will have different interpretation.. I.E. There's something very little that i can do..that i feel i can do.. to make somebody happy.. but in a different mindset, say your mindset.. its an annoying act..who knows.. right? 现代人总望着照片说,好美。 却很少人愿意去到照片被拍摄的地方说,好美。 人生总有些迷惘,然后我对自己说,好美。 然后我会忘记生气是什么。

[Notice] Update of blog address...

For anyone that had linked me on your blog, pages and anywhere else,  My blog address had been updated to: Please kindly update your links to this new address...thanks! 

Why my GF so EPIC?

This is a story happened right after I passed up my FYP. Me and my gf wanted to go watch Rise of the Planet of the Apes. Before we went o Jusco we wanna grab something for lunch and so we went to McD. We ordered something to eat and after we finished we chill out abit and started to look around the current design of McD. We realized McD hung the Malaysia's states' flag as decoration recently. We had a little discussion on the flags and then we come across this flag (the curled up 1): I told my gf Kuala Lumpur's flag look very alike to Jalur Gemilang..then she say:" is that (the curled up flag shown above) the kuala lumpur's flag?" As a matter of fact, I also forgot that flag is which state's already. So i told her I'm not sure also. After like 3 minutes, while I'm still looking around, I saw something weird over the road...something...familiar...something like.....THIS: By the way, the blue-roofed building is Majlis Bandaraya Melaka Be


1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 0 一片混乱。 如果我的脑是一幅画。 现在它是一副抽象画。 也许就连画家本身,也无法了解。 其中完整的意义。 也许期待着不一样。结果在狼狈中了解。 都一样,没差。 因为有些事情。 你他妈的不信邪,他越他妈的存在。 有些事情,越想完美。 就越不完美。 不完全是想骨牌一样,一面倒。 可是,倒数计时的炸药。 要怎么解开才好? 很多话说了,很多人也不明白。 而如果说得很多人明白,那就等于不用说。 转身,离开。 是太久没回家了吗? 我发觉,我开始,变得,越来越无力了。 0 9 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 1 (u)


Is time going faster or am I going slower? 那份量太沉重的道歉      将过去挤压成明信片 邮票的锯齿边     不断在切割我曾依赖你的      那些画面  亲爱的     我是真的寄不出一张     完整的   立体的   笑脸 =(


我知道,我知道你们很讨厌我。 我讲话很不经过大脑,我知道。 我没有在改吗?我不知道。 那些是你们认为的,我没有决定的权利。 我只是想对你说,我可以一样回答:“我不知道”, “你去问谁谁谁”,“我不会叻”。 然而我选择回答。 我回答的方法可能伤害你。 可是我回答了。 我是不是该选择不回答会好一些? 还有,也许你会觉得我很烦,想很多,当你不存在。 但是有些事,我不懂该怎么等。 我没有问你们?还是你们没有听?我不知道。 我知道的是再不开始,会死很惨。 所以我做了。如果你觉得你被伤害。 那对不起。 我当你是朋友,我才不会保持沉默。 我才会去提醒你有的没得,才不会去怕得罪你。 然而现实一次又一次的冲击,让我觉得,只是我一厢情愿。 只是我太笨。 也许今天以后,我不会再执着于一些我的坚持。 有人,要帮我吗?

Transformer: Dark of the Moon.

To be frank, the story sucks. Its almost the same wit Transformer 2. Just this time, human got more weapons that can 1-hit-KO the cybertronian aircrafts. Human weapons are also much more effective on decepticons. Throughout the whole movie, I can't really extract out any meaningful plot. A crippled Megatron which claimed to have planned all the deception long ago but why he waited until today? All the decepticons hided on the moon. Why he never cast them earlier? Action wise, speechless, its cool. All the impressive CGI. I particularly love the new half-transform style of autobots during the early pursuit scene. Especially the part bumblebee can fire missiles while transporting Sam in it. COOOL! =D 1 illogical part which i refuse to accept is that: *Spoilers Ahead! Highlight to view.* Remember how Megatron fight draw with Optimus PRIME in the past 2 episodes? This time he crippled a PRIME that outfight Optimus, how BRAVO! Besides, a single-handed Optimus 1-hit-KO him in retu

The Night

You see... You see? You feel... You feel?


有时候,不是你改了。 结果就会是你想象的。 在这里,我找不到人说话。 感觉自己,不存在。 我在,也多了些什么? 我不在,倒也无所谓? 似乎,我总是最后才会被想起的那个 也似乎,我从未存在过。 有人,听见我说话吗? 真心的。


A few review here to share about. X-Men: First Class A good movie I'll say and maybe i had high expectation on it before i go into the cinema and watch it. For those who had watch the other 4 X-men movies, this 1 do not have that much actions. Instead its story is very important to let you know the relation ship between the mutants. Recommended for a watch, worth the ticket price. Rating: 7/10 Hoodwinked Too: Hood VS Evil This is a ZOMGWTF movie for me. For ages i had not watch a movie this bad. If not that i had someone beside me i must have fallen asleep in the cinema. Its about an agency called HEA(Happily Everafter Agency). In the agency got these characters. Something about the brotherhood of the sisters (BROTHERhood of the SISTER)....about a SUPER TRUFFLE. 2 I-DO-NOT-KNOW-WHY-SO-EVIL kids...the whole movie doesn't make any sense...AT ALL...I only listen to the kids laugh so loudly in the cinema... Rating: 2/10 Super 8 For those who do not know why this movie i

We were..are we?

我记得.. 之前我说过... 廉价的同情是完全没有价值的虚伪... Pcd, 我们在乎你的,我们不能不帮你平反。就算于事无补。 我很自豪我是唯一一个上过 cyber 找你的人...至少我没后悔... 在这里,我发誓,在毕业之前,至少我会去和你 party 一次。 ———————————————————————————————————————— what are the real reason those parties, events and gathering out there? you close yourself in? or you expand you circle? you want to say about the purpose of it? fine... if you say so...then so be it...i despise... I know somebody's gonna shitbrix on this...but who cares if you do not care other ppl at first..

Farewell Samsung.

This post was suppose to be on Saturday but blogger have the problem of logging into the dashboard. I do not know whether other ppl got the same problem but i do experience it. That's why i have a delayed post here... Its been 3 months since the beginning of my internship at Samsung SDS AP (M) Pte Ltd. Located in Seremban. 28th Feb 2011 till 27th May 2011 MY OFFICE I still remember the first day i was there, not sure where to go in the vast area of Samsung Complex. Sms-ed UK to wait for me in front the main gate but he was invited into the complex before i reach. The first month, due to unknown reason, my office do not have signal for digi line. THAT EXTREMELY SAD CASE. Got myself a Maxis prepaid after the first day work. I still remember the farewell Lunch for Fion Wong 2 weeks after my join at the office. After her resign, her position (Finance Executive of Samsung SDS AP (M)) was taken over by Ms.Waiyee which is a happy fruit and a people that cannot stop after burst i

!@# Wesak Day X Kelvin's Last Supper #@!

Its effing Wesak day and I dun get a holiday... We asked our supervisor why? It should be a public holiday rite? Supervisor:" According to labour law. A company need only to declare 4 days minimum as public holidays and the rest are not compulsory...bla...bla...bla...bla~~~ " So what to do? WORK LAH......! This morning while i am on the way to office. The road are relatively empty compared to a ordinary Tuesday. Oh god, I feel so pathetic for myself right away. I should be still on the bed right now sleeping soundly shouldn't I? ~.~ Enough complaining, later on in the afternoon I'll have the final presentation for the project that I've been working on for 3 months. Then I'll get all the evaluation forms done and bring it back to Melaka tmr. Well Mr.LCY said it should be sealed by my supervisor into an envelope but my supervisor told me to seal it myself. So you cant blame me to have a lil peek at the evaluation form right? =x Earlier this week, Sat


我认识一位女孩 她对我很重要 我对她小时候一直一直都很好奇 我问她她又不知道怎样跟我讲 终于有一天!从一只 ultrapig 开始................................. 她说她以前小时候很爱看 ultraman... ultraMAN ULTRAman ULTRAMAN ! 然后他继续说,她还看 Power Rangers.... Power RANGERS POWER Rangers GOGO POWER RANGERS ~~ 那好!我来猜猜看妳的童年! 你不看 POKEMON! 你看 DIGIMON! BINGO! 她的确爱看 DIGIMON! 还有还有~~ 你们懂 Ninja Turtle 吗? 就那几只拿着武器的乌龟.. 她也爱看.. 男生们,你们都懂 Street Fighter 吧? 我告诉你,你可能会玩输她哦! 他小时候的玩具很特别,对于一位女生来说... 打个比方, 剑和枪 (guns and swords).. . 她小时候都 跟哥哥打架 。听说战斗力很高... 下次我要试试看...XD 除了 Street Fighter 嘛... 各类的 First Person Shooting (FPS) 她都有玩, 而且好像都很强...=x 把 lego 做成一把剑的形状是她的特长... 然后再用那把剑来打架?XD 爱搜集 车子模型 ...看 slam dunk ...打 goli ... 整个男生的样子嘛.....orz 后来她还跟我说,他曾经和朋友欺负一个人到她哭.. 在幼稚园的时候.. 我整个傻眼 傻眼 傻眼 我说了,这女孩对我很重要.. 他的名字叫玮婷... 我很爱这女孩.. 很爱很爱.. 可是这女孩生气我了.. 我不知该怎么办.. 能不生气了吗?>.<


This the 60th post. Tmr is 4th May... Maybe its normal for some 1.. but it ain't normal for me... Something that I cant rest my mind.. I wish i could be there... but i couldn't be there... So i was worry... So damn worryy... But wat can I do? Anybody? What can i DO???????



喝100 plus 喝出来的感想

我很喜欢想东西。 有人说我奇怪。 好吧,我认了,我是很奇怪。 有时候, 我看到飞机掠过头顶 我会想,里面有多少个人呢? 有哪些是怀着去旅行的兴奋心情? 又有哪些是归心似箭? 会不会又有一些是五味杂陈的心情? 有时候 从高处的窗户眺望远方, 我会想,从我的眼前画两条逐渐扩散的直线 会有多少人在这条直线里面? 他们都在做什么? 有的在吃饭吗? 有的在睡觉? 有没有人在里面打羽球呢? 有时候 我幻想的事情太奇怪 以致我不会和任何人分享 因为我也不知要从何开始 例子好了, 我有事没事会翻开相对论 随便的复习以前读过的东西 而有时则是翻开阅读过的小说 回忆那些故事 然后随着这些故事 我会想起我第一次阅读这些书本时 是什么时候,发生了什么事 然后再用现在的我的思考方式 去重温那时的事情 而很多时候 都会有不同的,特别的,好的,不好的, 感想。 有时候 我就是这么爱想东西。 就像现在一样 这篇随性的网志, 都是因为我 喝了一瓶 100 + 才有了感想,才会开始把它 记录下来。 还有, 婷,IMY  ♥


过得不好 还是会说好 自我催眠 希望明天会更好 我,一点也不好。


有些话 只给懂的人看 前朝 将军们都很喜欢守边疆 为什么呢? 因为离皇帝很远 可以划地称王。 不是出于偶然 是肯定 肯定有事情在那古城 偷偷的上演 也许是一场演讲 像直销一样的演讲 你接受了你就会有朋友 你不接受你就必须学会独立 那不远以后的约定 只闻风 不见影 有时雨天连影子都没有 守边疆的将军时常都会反叛 为什么? 因为他们太久没有见皇帝 开始忘记皇帝长什么样子 只渐渐地爱上匈奴的烈酒 而理由总是事后才强加上去的解释 不代表什么 人类总以正义为借口 当你说出 “我没有恶意” 时 你已知道会伤人 但你还是要以正义之名,伤人 还是你纯粹喜欢? 英雄劫富济贫? 才怪。 英雄自己赚钱捐钱。 劫富济贫的英雄,我问你 当你自己有钱时, 你会捐钱吗? 不会,你会继续劫富济贫。 因为那,不是你的钱。 看明白了吗? 看不明白?滚! PCD,我觉得。只有你会自己看明白。惨。不过跟你无关。=)


09/04/2011 天气:晴 心情:地球上的语言没法形容 又是一个美好的周末,我回到马六甲啦~ 出去透透气,约约会。 好久没有吃点心,所以早上去吃了点心。 下午去了 T-bowl 混。点心吃到很饱所以只叫了一人分的午餐。 看了部电影,RIO~~~~~ 主角是 BLU, 他不会飞 女主角是 Jewel,她会飞 他为了她飞。 不错好笑的一部电影,不需要注重剧情,不需要动态多脑筋,看着美丽画面,笑就对了~ 女孩笑到很开心...=) 女孩第一次喝咖啡类饮料而不抗拒,而且还觉得不错! 晚餐呢,则是在: 跟女孩逛了逛街,买了一双新的鞋,polo 的,做工要用到的。 今天第一天穿着它回 seremban,实在是好穿! =D 跟女孩一起度过的时光,总是那么的快。 周末,又告一段落了~ 接下来的五天,是时候结束我该做好的东西了。 加油了俊杰! 小时候,这些树。 和我一样高... 时间很快, 珍惜成了很稀有的存在


I can't describe why I'm stressed. These project, I never do before. Nor did I ever see before. The policies, the rules. I feel I'm so incapable of doing it. A month of hardwork, i thought i can close my first proj. In the end, thats a piss compare to what they expected. The db design, the queries... What google can help is so so so minimal. The page that you face the most is error pages. You wanna ask ppl. Why dun you just go back home and drink some detergent and die. That is much faster than their reply.. BUSY is the biggest excuses. I know, when there's no resources or whatsoever around you, you push yourself to the limit. Maybe I'm not just ready. Maybe I just scared the shit out of myself. But right now i know i felt helpless. F U C K !

COS rock on the night of supermoon. (Long post, lotsa photos)

I started typing this right after i wake up from a tight sleep the second morning. I realized i was too concentrate on the performance and didnt take any photo. So, I waited the photos from photographers. So now, lets start!  ITS STRICTLY COS! I thought i was goin there alone... but IM NOT! I got my girl with me that fantabulous musical night! on the night of 19/03/2011, its the night of supermoon. Where the moon come super near to Earth and become really round and big... The same night, MMU Chinese Orchestra Society had their second Chinese Orchestra Concert - A Touch of Symphony. What a nice name isnt it? The venue was at Panggung Budaya, Ayer Keroh, Melaka. When i reach the venue..The feeling of concert is seeping into my cells. The venue is just so nice for a concert..Echo absorbing wall lining, controllable lighting, cinema styled seatings. My God, its way way way better than our school's main hall! I straight away turn to my girl and say:" The RM30 was totall