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I guess I'm not a good blogger 2

First thing first...some time ago me and darling and daby and fy had a outing to buy present at Dataran was...2nd of December 2012..Photos! Darling and I..=D

I guess I'm not a good blogger

Ok I guess I'm not a good blogger. I always feel lazy to type the words in my mind in this blog due to unknown reason although I always wanted to share it on here. So today, I finally cannot withstand the urge of my own kind heart. Here we go on a tour on my recent photos. I missed out alot of precious moment because I'm not a person that always will think of taking a photograph. I guess I need to improve on this too to become a better blogger........ OK FIRST OF ALL, I NEED TO ANNOUNCE THAT I OFFICIALLY PASSED UP AND SETTLE MY FYP!!!! Saya mia.. My darling mia..=D That being an extremely happy matter, PLUS me and my darling is officially been together for more than 1 year as you can see on the meter right hand side. We celebrated our anniversary on 2nd February 2012 which is the 365th day..=D For lunch, we went to a 鱼头米粉 shop which me and her would like to try for a long time, the name of the shop is 大家鱼头米..We both like it alot as it taste really good and the s