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G.I. Joe, Olympus has fallen, Vulgaria, Lincoln and The Croods.

Some movies that I had watched past weeks: 1) G. I. Joe (28th March, premiere) with the expectation I has after watching twice G. I. Joe Rise of the Cobra, I am deeply disappointed by this sequel. Not gonna elaborate much, just disappointed. Score: 3.5/10 _______________________________________________________________________________ 2. Olympus has fallen (At Home) A good trailer baited me to find the source and watch this, it is not a BAD movie but it is not good enough for what it can possibly be better. Story progressing is bad, cinematography is considerably good. ABOVE ALL, it has MORGAN FREEMAN. Score: 6/10 _______________________________________________________________________________ 3. Vulgaria (低俗喜劇) Some might find it low class comedy, but for me, it delivers good message, from a different perspective. Vulgar? yes; weird? yes; disgusting? a little bit; meaningful? definitely! I like the way the story is told. Pretty awesome. Score: 6.5/10