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Transformer: Dark of the Moon.

To be frank, the story sucks. Its almost the same wit Transformer 2. Just this time, human got more weapons that can 1-hit-KO the cybertronian aircrafts. Human weapons are also much more effective on decepticons. Throughout the whole movie, I can't really extract out any meaningful plot. A crippled Megatron which claimed to have planned all the deception long ago but why he waited until today? All the decepticons hided on the moon. Why he never cast them earlier? Action wise, speechless, its cool. All the impressive CGI. I particularly love the new half-transform style of autobots during the early pursuit scene. Especially the part bumblebee can fire missiles while transporting Sam in it. COOOL! =D 1 illogical part which i refuse to accept is that: *Spoilers Ahead! Highlight to view.* Remember how Megatron fight draw with Optimus PRIME in the past 2 episodes? This time he crippled a PRIME that outfight Optimus, how BRAVO! Besides, a single-handed Optimus 1-hit-KO him in retu

The Night

You see... You see? You feel... You feel?


有时候,不是你改了。 结果就会是你想象的。 在这里,我找不到人说话。 感觉自己,不存在。 我在,也多了些什么? 我不在,倒也无所谓? 似乎,我总是最后才会被想起的那个 也似乎,我从未存在过。 有人,听见我说话吗? 真心的。


A few review here to share about. X-Men: First Class A good movie I'll say and maybe i had high expectation on it before i go into the cinema and watch it. For those who had watch the other 4 X-men movies, this 1 do not have that much actions. Instead its story is very important to let you know the relation ship between the mutants. Recommended for a watch, worth the ticket price. Rating: 7/10 Hoodwinked Too: Hood VS Evil This is a ZOMGWTF movie for me. For ages i had not watch a movie this bad. If not that i had someone beside me i must have fallen asleep in the cinema. Its about an agency called HEA(Happily Everafter Agency). In the agency got these characters. Something about the brotherhood of the sisters (BROTHERhood of the SISTER)....about a SUPER TRUFFLE. 2 I-DO-NOT-KNOW-WHY-SO-EVIL kids...the whole movie doesn't make any sense...AT ALL...I only listen to the kids laugh so loudly in the cinema... Rating: 2/10 Super 8 For those who do not know why this movie i

We were..are we?

我记得.. 之前我说过... 廉价的同情是完全没有价值的虚伪... Pcd, 我们在乎你的,我们不能不帮你平反。就算于事无补。 我很自豪我是唯一一个上过 cyber 找你的人...至少我没后悔... 在这里,我发誓,在毕业之前,至少我会去和你 party 一次。 ———————————————————————————————————————— what are the real reason those parties, events and gathering out there? you close yourself in? or you expand you circle? you want to say about the purpose of it? fine... if you say so...then so be it...i despise... I know somebody's gonna shitbrix on this...but who cares if you do not care other ppl at first..

Farewell Samsung.

This post was suppose to be on Saturday but blogger have the problem of logging into the dashboard. I do not know whether other ppl got the same problem but i do experience it. That's why i have a delayed post here... Its been 3 months since the beginning of my internship at Samsung SDS AP (M) Pte Ltd. Located in Seremban. 28th Feb 2011 till 27th May 2011 MY OFFICE I still remember the first day i was there, not sure where to go in the vast area of Samsung Complex. Sms-ed UK to wait for me in front the main gate but he was invited into the complex before i reach. The first month, due to unknown reason, my office do not have signal for digi line. THAT EXTREMELY SAD CASE. Got myself a Maxis prepaid after the first day work. I still remember the farewell Lunch for Fion Wong 2 weeks after my join at the office. After her resign, her position (Finance Executive of Samsung SDS AP (M)) was taken over by Ms.Waiyee which is a happy fruit and a people that cannot stop after burst i