!@# Wesak Day X Kelvin's Last Supper #@!

Its effing Wesak day and I dun get a holiday...
We asked our supervisor why? It should be a public holiday rite?

Supervisor:" According to labour law. A company need only to declare 4 days minimum as public holidays and the rest are not compulsory...bla...bla...bla...bla~~~ "

So what to do? WORK LAH......!

This morning while i am on the way to office. The road are relatively empty compared to a ordinary Tuesday. Oh god, I feel so pathetic for myself right away. I should be still on the bed right now sleeping soundly shouldn't I? ~.~

Enough complaining, later on in the afternoon I'll have the final presentation for the project that I've been working on for 3 months. Then I'll get all the evaluation forms done and bring it back to Melaka tmr. Well Mr.LCY said it should be sealed by my supervisor into an envelope but my supervisor told me to seal it myself. So you cant blame me to have a lil peek at the evaluation form right? =x

Earlier this week, Saturday
Kelvin (Aaron's roommate if you do not know), is graduating from MMU this semester. We wanted to farewell for him so they decided to have a nice dinner at San Francisco Steakhouse in Melaka. Well it'll be my first time in Melaka branch. I'm expecting a high quality dinner. I ordered a Medium Well Lamb Rack with black pepper sauce.

Looks yummy rite? XD
It turned out that I dun like it that much after all. It's too oily, tasteless without the black pepper sauce, the potatoes are plain. It just doesn't suit my taste.

Or maybe its me that do not know the art of fat eating
Better dun let the post get too long. So the most epic part of the night is that, WE REPLICATE "THE LAST SUPPER" the work of Leornado da Vinci.

The original 1
The Replica
There's a few difference in it. The most interesting part will be the Jesus's head. They looked at different direction!
Lastly, let's end this post by a panorama by me.

Click to enlarge =)
have a nice Wesak Day folks!


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