My Girlfriend's Valentine's Present from ME!

OK its valentines, always headache what to give to my girlfriend.
Been Thinking for a loooooonnnnggg time..
One day i came across a website selling DIY scenes and frames and other items..
Alot of them look nice on the photo..
So i think, i got no money to give expensive product as a valentine's gift, so why don't make one wit my own hands? It will be memorable no?
So I decided to give it a try.
I bought a 3D Frame wit a simple house set up.
This is my RESULT:

The Valentine's Present.

Before everything starts, it looks like this.
So I decided to start with the hardest and most annoying part for me, which is to deal with the fabric -- to make a sofa.

The sofa, I forgot to put wool on the back rest because it was the first piece i did i didn't realize i need to put the wool. HHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!! 
So next i made the floor light beside the sofa

How the inside looks like.
End product of the light.
After this, I continued with making the cupboard:


The Cupboard done!
Next is the decoration of the cupboard to make it more lively:

The sample of raw material of a decoration plants

Small Purple Plant

2 small sized plants

The cupboard with 2 small plants, 1 big plant, a coffee cup and fruits!
after settled with the cupboard, I proceed to the making of the frame itself:


Lastly, windows, wall decoration and some more details:

The window after assembled from pieces of tiny wood stick.

The painting on the wall

Half-finished sandals. (Haven't glue on the straps)
All the parts are done by now, and lets put it all together!!

I'm glad that my girlfriend really like this present i prepared for her. LOTS of LOVE for her! <3<3<3

Before I end this post, my girlfriend who do not have a blog would like to thank Daby and Fong Yee for their Birthday Present!

All 3 of them are so cute isn't it? She loved it =)

That's all for this post. So Long.


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