Farewell Samsung.

This post was suppose to be on Saturday but blogger have the problem of logging into the dashboard. I do not know whether other ppl got the same problem but i do experience it. That's why i have a delayed post here...

Its been 3 months since the beginning of my internship at Samsung SDS AP (M) Pte Ltd. Located in Seremban.

28th Feb 2011 till 27th May 2011

I still remember the first day i was there, not sure where to go in the vast area of Samsung Complex. Sms-ed UK to wait for me in front the main gate but he was invited into the complex before i reach. The first month, due to unknown reason, my office do not have signal for digi line. THAT EXTREMELY SAD CASE. Got myself a Maxis prepaid after the first day work.

I still remember the farewell Lunch for Fion Wong 2 weeks after my join at the office. After her resign, her position (Finance Executive of Samsung SDS AP (M)) was taken over by Ms.Waiyee which is a happy fruit and a people that cannot stop after burst into laughs. Hope you are working fine with the system i developed for you.

In the same office with me, my direct superior, Mr. B.K.Khoo (Operation Manager). Thanks for the incredibly alot of advices he gave and most of them really enlightened me about the world im goin to face in 1 year time. Thanks alot.

The fourth and the last person in my office is Mr. Lee Seoung Taek (General Manager, Principle Engineer). He's a Korean. He's cute. He's a funny guy sometimes.

My seat
The 4 seats. 2 Managers, 1 Finance, 1 developer!
Of course, there's still millions thanks to the SDI IS Department staffs! If it wasnt you all, my internship could be darn boring. The ayamas lunch, the McD lunch, the 2 Friday which we went out for lunch. All was well keep in my memory. Thanks to Ah Loo, Ah Wong, Ah Lai, Pei Yee and Masita.

Besides SDI IS Department, SCM IS Department is also where alot of fun memories reside. Although I seldom meet them cause they r so far away but everytime went out with them there's so much fun. 2 times pasar malam walk and 1 time Windmill + 三茶五味 dinner. Thanks to Catherine, Jennie, You Kang, Jack.

Ain't have much to write no more..there's never regret in life..live what you chose..and i believe i lived it well the past 3 months..

Bye Corridor~~

here I come..my friends...
here I come..MMU..
here I come..FYP..(imma pwn you like nobody's business..=x)


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