Transformer: Dark of the Moon.

To be frank, the story sucks. Its almost the same wit Transformer 2. Just this time, human got more weapons that can 1-hit-KO the cybertronian aircrafts. Human weapons are also much more effective on decepticons. Throughout the whole movie, I can't really extract out any meaningful plot. A crippled Megatron which claimed to have planned all the deception long ago but why he waited until today? All the decepticons hided on the moon. Why he never cast them earlier?

Action wise, speechless, its cool. All the impressive CGI. I particularly love the new half-transform style of autobots during the early pursuit scene. Especially the part bumblebee can fire missiles while transporting Sam in it. COOOL! =D

1 illogical part which i refuse to accept is that: *Spoilers Ahead! Highlight to view.*
Remember how Megatron fight draw with Optimus PRIME in the past 2 episodes? This time he crippled a PRIME that outfight Optimus, how BRAVO! Besides, a single-handed Optimus 1-hit-KO him in return! 

Anyway, my rating: 3/5


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