Time Flies

Ok, i thought i just updated my blog not too long ago, until i went to PCD's blog and look at my own link there. My last update is 1 week ago!! I was like WTF? Time Flies! Especially when i filled myself with all the works that i probably won't do for old me. 2 tests left, 1 is tmr's Probability and Statistic. I am kinda not sensitive to maths related subjects and erm i just wanna make sure myself won't regret after i get result later on, so NO REGRET thats it. Next is the OOP labtest on Saturday, it's JAVA. Expectation? I guess so?

       As i say, i didn't feel the time flies where it just quietly "sneak" past me without me noticing. Nothing much to mention except i am currently joining in Magic The Gathering community. It's a card game, very interesting and fun to play. Personally love it a lot but it actually makes me even more ignoring on time. We went to shah's place for the gathering and played a few games there including some 1v1, a 2v2, a 3v3...and its 8am when i back to my own room. Shocking? 8 hours just gone in a blink of eyes when playing Magic. LOL.

ntg much to talk about, ill share 3 videos here...

First 1, its very touching for me, its an ad by Sony Japan. Very very nice!

Isn't it very touching?

And the next 1, its a song, by YUI, opening song of Full Metal Alchemist Brotherhood named Again...

The last 1? its the ballad version of Again, i found this quite very nice version...i am not very sure whether it is a cover or not, bt it is nice...


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