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Monday ( 05/07/2010 )

It's Monday and usually normal people will have monday's blues. For me, monday is superb. Another outing with UK, Purple, FongE, Weiteng to Jusco. The mastermind behind this is weiteng, cause she's the driver that drive silenty toward the destination. LOL ! 

As usual, first thing of all is to fill our five organ temple( stomach in case you dun get me)...

Venue: Locales Cafe 
People involved: UK, Purple, Weiteng, FongE, Tommy

Mine Mine!!

I have a Nyonya laksa as my "dinner"...not bad actually, and the amount is just nice to fill my stomach. Actually a lil bit over my expectation for a CAFE. Recommend for a try.

This is FongE's Tom Yam which is not so pedas and sour. She liked it but for me its a lil bit too mild for a Tom Yam. For those who have a light taste for spicy and sour, its actually quite nice.

This is Purple's fried rice, i forgot the exact name, add for me any1? I didnt give it a try but according to Purple its not very nice but in the acceptable range.

Well, I am missing photos of Weiteng's very impressive chicken curry rice and UK's toasts. Instead, i found this 1:-

Enjoy eh?

[photo missing]

After the lunch, as usual we went for windows shopping. I am surveying for a new sports shoes after I destroy my old 1 during the last week futsal + squash session. FongE is finding a Bros's Water Bottle cap which she keeps failing to find 1. But we end up doing this:- 

UK should stand in the middle lah!

We sweep the whole building from left to right and from right to left and from right to left start from first floor to second floor to third floor...get me? LOL

shopping is tiring job.
bad for wallet, but good for health =)

warning : action above was trained by professional,
do not try it at home.

Still got lotsa things to type, but bath first...ciao~


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